“The music reaches new and insistent levels of exuberance, with the countertenor Mountain Witch (the fearless Jean-Max Lattemann) punching away at lines that could have been written for a dramatic mezzo.”

Opera Magazine (Yehuda Shapiro), May 2019


“A second counter-tenor, Jean-Max Lattemann, played the Mountain Witch. Lattemann made the most of the theatricality of his scene, using the breaks in his voice to striking dramatic effect.”

Robert Hugill, planethugill.com, 24 February 2019

“Countertenor Jean-Max Lattemann excels as the Mountain Witch, with one of the entrances sending the same chill down the spine as the final appearance of the Commendatore is capable of doing.”

Sam Smith, musciomh.com, 27 February 2019

“Jean-Max Lattemann (...) is a promising counter-tenor, his falsetto clean, flexible and true.”

London Evening Standard (Nick Kimberley), 27 April 2015

“Xerxes was sung by the young German countertenor Jean-Max Lattemann. He has a smooth and lyrical voice with an unconstrained top range, and in particular he showed flair in his Act II aria “Se bramate d’amar” (...). He is certainly a talent to watch out for.”

Bachtrack (Nahoko Gotoh), 29 April 2015

“Countertenor Jean-Max Lattemann is the assertive and greedy King, who sweeps the audience away with high notes you could imagine soaring through a choir. He pushes boundaries and takes vocal risks, which adds to Xerxes’ pathos.”

Fringe Opera (Mary Grace Nguyen), April 2015